• Full Scottish independence – based on the indivisible sovereignty of the Scottish people and the establishment of an independent Scottish state, government, central bank, and currency.
  • The elimination of poverty and the creation of prosperity as twin and compatible objectives, with the aim of building a fair and enterprising Scotland based on co-operative principles.
  • A Federal Scotland – respecting the regional diversity of Scotland a federal system of government will be established which will be decentralist and based on the principle of subsidiarity.
  • To contest elections to the Scottish Parliament to further the above aims.
  • A real Independent and sovereign Scotland within EFTA,a Swiss based deal and outwith an undemocratic and financially centralised EU;
  • If a Scottish Parliament returns a majority vote of pro independence MSP’s that will provide a mandate to  negotiate a changed constitution with Westminster;
  • Create a state owned Energy company, Alba Energy, to own or participate in new developments in Oil and Gas and Energy to pursue a new Green Deal for Scotland;
  • Protection of Free Speech and Thought –so that satire and general commentary will be protected under Scots Law;
  • Employee share and decision participation in organisations over a certain size. A co-operative Scotland where all have a stake in society;
  • A Highland and Islands Commission to examine a plan and options for the resettlement of rural Scotland;
  • A national Housing Corporation to borrow against rents to build high quality publicly rented accommodation;
  • A full review of the Care programme, facilities and ownership including a full review of parity of care staff with that of health nursing staff;
  • Introduce a system of Site/Land Value taxation to allow Councils income to provide a greater and better funded source of local income;

And the ECONOMY ___________

  • A rolling National Economic Plan with a heavy emphasis on small businesses, social  enterprises and light manufacturing.

Scotland in the World

We subscribe to a statement of Independence if Scotland returns a majority vote in favour of Independence and a clear majority of pro independence MSP’s we will take these as a mandate to negotiate with Westminster. This is a democratic path to Independence;
We will remain in the Commonwealth and the British/ Irish Council
We will remain in the UN and play a full role in UN peace keeping missions but no Scottish troops will be deployed abroad without the express apporoval of the Scottish Government.
We will apply for membership of the Nordic Council to develop closer relationships with our Northern neighbours;
We will allow the people of Scotland, if it is proven, a referendum on whether Scotland should have a hereditary or elected Head of State.

Scotland and Europe

We will recommend that an independent Scotland
applies to become a member of EFTA. with a bespoke deal like that of Switzerland.

We envisage a Europe of free peoples rather than a creation of one Europe, with one European army etc. rather than have one “ever closer union” model as proposed by the European establishment.

We will seek to promote just and fair trade and free trade where mutually beneficial within EFTA as a separate independent Scottish member of EFTA