For Real Independence and a Scotland of Equals

EMBARGOED: Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Saturday 30th January 2020.



Mr Chic Brodie, former MSP and Leader of Scotia Future, Scotland’s new party for real independence and a Scotland of Equals, has thrown his hat into the ring to contest the Ayr constituency at the next Scottish Elections. Mr Brodie said:


“I love Ayr and Ayrshire as I love my country. The opportunity to represent the Ayr constituency, with all that it can be and can achieve, would be a real fulfilment for me and I hope for the good people of Ayr, Prestwick and Troon.  We have so many opportunities regarding jobs, developing skills, and creating new small businesses but also to attract local and international investment to Ayrshire.”


“It is time for a major change in politics. The Westminster and Holyrood systems of government are broken.  The former with an unelected House of Lords and the latter with a party based regional list system MSP’s with no real revising powers other than in committees. Neither represents a modern democracy. I want Ayr to be at the forefront of change and reform.”


“Calling for independence itself is of no note unless you can spell out in detail what you are going to do with it. Scotia Future does not just want to change flags but to change society. For example, we want to promote employee participation and employee shares based on the German model, to give every citizen a real say and a proper stake in Scottish society.”


“Scotia Future will work to respect the regional diversity of Scotland by pushing for more powers to local authorities and communities like Ayr, Prestwick and Troon. While maintaining the powers and responsibility of local councils  we would, for example, establish federated units like one Ayrshire to share activities like IT, Finance, HR and Economic Development and therefore reduce the cost of local government overall.”


Contact Mr Chic Brodie –07824 456140  or 07553 942484.

Editor’s Note – Picture attached of  Chic Brodie in Ayr constituency.



That is real independence based on the indivisible sovereignty of the people working with, and not against, our neighbours who themselves will have to adopt political change. Real independence means in due course the establishment of an independent state, a bi cameral government with a non party based Scottish Senate, a Scottish Central Bank and ultimately a Scottish currency.


“Our programme on issues such as the elimination of poverty while creating prosperity as twin and compatible objectives, on Scotland’s role in the world and our relationship with other countries in an Arctic /Nordic Council, on our beliefs as a Co-operative movement  seeking to promote fair trade as well as free trade  within EFTA, are all available on our website at”


“Independence is not in the gift of  only one party and if the electors of Scotland so decide then Scotia Future believes we must appeal to the UN to bring  the UK Government to the table without  the ongoing current cosmetic confrontation between Holyrood and Westminster to discuss the reorganisation and realignment of the British Isles.”


Biography of Mr Chic Brodie, Scotia Future Candidate for Ayr Constituency


Business: CEO Caledonian Strategy ( Scotland )Ltd                             Current

                     Confederation of Economic Development Ayrshire        Current

                     CEO Twinsoft Europe (8 Countries)                                     1994-2000

                     Chair Sionet International                                                       2001- 2004

                     Finance Dir./Business Manager Tandem Computers      1988-1994


Politics        Leader Scotia Future                                                                   2020

                      MSP South of Scotland                                                                2011-2016

                      UK Parliamentary candidate                                                    1983/87



                      Councilor Surrey Heath                                                             1995

                      Various local and party executive positions


Personal      Children and Grandchildren

                       Golf and Football


                       Reading biographies and autobiographies

                       Economic Development and job creation



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