For Real Independence and a Scotland of Equals

Sunday 27th December 2020.


Cllr Andy Doig, the Nominating Officer for Scotia Future, which stands for real independence and a Scotland of Equals, has hailed the fishing element of the Brexit deal as a step forward for Scottish fishermen, but slammed the Tory Government for selling out Leave voters on not returning state aid powers to Holyrood. Cllr Doig said:

“The Brexit agreement is definitely a step forward for Scottish fishermen and will present a window of opportunity for the industry. To those who say it is a ‘massive sell-out’ Scotia Future replies that at least one third to two thirds increase in access over five years is infinitely better than nil with the CFP, which pro EU parties would have then endure.”

“This window of opportunity need not only be confined to the Scottish fishing industries core areas in the North East of Scotland. For example, Scottish ministers, Creel Fishing representatives, and the marine industry should redouble their effort to revive creel fishing off the West coast of Scotland. Little or nothing has been done for a decade in this regard.”

“In relation to the wider Brexit agreement it is clear that the reason why Scottish fishermen have not had a better deal is because the Tories have reduced access for them in an unholy trade-off to allow financial services to escape regulation. The fishermen of Fraserburgh are taking second place to the high financiers of Kensington who bankroll the Tory Government. Shame on Boris Johnson.”

“As a Scots Leave voter I was clear I was voting to take back control from a bloated and centralised EU. Yet rather than state aid powers being devolved to Holyrood the Tory Government, with its UK Internal Market Bill, has betrayed Leave voters by agreeing to the status quo on state aid as well as on financial services. This is not the Scotland of equals that we seek.”

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