Scotia Future is a party that looks to real independence…

 Westminster retains power that should have come from the EU while Holyrood retains powers that would be best reserved to our local authorities and communities.

Scotia Future wants real independence for our people and their communities.

Real Independence means full sovereignty where power is vested in the people and their communities not in either Westminster or Brussels or over centralised in Edinburgh.

Changing society for the better and recognising the elimination of poverty and the creation of prosperity are not incompatible. We believe in a fair and enterprising Scotland based on the principles of participation and cooperation.

We can be an international success like Norway and Switzerland, or better.

A country where everyone pays their way, where not only where it pays to work but where work pays. Where those that don’t work for the common good are penalised.

Where people can speak their mind and engage in free debate without fear of censure.

If this is your Scotland, then Scotia Future is your party.