For Real Independence and a Scotland of Equals




Mr Chic Brodie, the Leader of Scotia Future, which stands for real independence and a Scotland of Equals, has revealed a raft of radical constitutional policies that the new party supports for St Andrews Day, as a vision of what a decentralised and federal Scotland could be like after independence , including a Glasgow-based House of Representatives. Mr Brodie said:


“St Andrew’s Day is a very appropriate time not just to look back on Scotland’s past, but to contemplate Scotland’s future. Scotia Future are revealing their St Andrew’s Day vision for an independent Scotland. One key policy will be to create a bi-cameral parliament with the Senate in Holyrood, and a new House of Representatives based in Glasgow.”


“We will also have a written Scottish Constitution, with a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, a referendum on whether we have an elected or hereditary Head of State, and decentralised government departments mainly to rural Scotland. And most important of all, we will sign up to a Statement of Independence which means a pro- independence majority of MSP’s next year means Holyrood will call a referendum, no if’s or but’s.”


Cllr Andy Doig, Nominating Officer for Scotia Future, added: “I think there is a centralising culture now at Holyrood which has been really bad for our communities. We desperately need a new revising chamber, but also power back to local areas. Our vision of keeping the 32 local authorities but complementing them with 15 Federal Councils will turbo-charge local government.”


“The 32 local authorities will feed directly into the 15 Federal Councils, who will promote a shared services agenda to save the 32 Councils money, and be responsible for tourism, social work, fire and police, economic development, and elections to the Scottish Senate. This is similar to the German model which is the most effective Federal system in Europe.”


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