Buy the Scotia Future badge and show your support for the Party 

We hope to expand our goods for members and supporters as Scotia Future grows. But for now, we are offering the distinctive and iconic Scotia Future logo, the purple and white Triquetra on a map of Scotland, in a classic enamel badge. This durable badge will last a lifetime and is made in Scotland. 

The meaning of the Scotia Future logo 

The name of our party is Scotia Future because we are an ancient nation who must be focussed on our future destiny as a truly independent sovereign country. Our colours are purple and white with the purple taken from the heather landscape of Scotland, and the white taken from the St Andrew’s Cross in the national flag, the Saltire. 

The Triquetra 

The Triquetra is an ancient Celtic symbol which means the Power of Three. Superimposed on a map of Scotland this represents the three key aims of Scotia Future for the country, a country which will prosper with real sovereign independence, economic justice and prosperity, and decentralisation. The circle around the Triquetra represents the circle of Co-Operation,  as we believe our co-operative values and principles are central to achieving the three aims shown in the Triquetra.